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Secure Email Portal 

The National Bank of Texas strives to keep non-public personal information about NBT and it’s customers confidential.  Non-public information is any information that is not found in the public domain and would trigger the need to have an e-mail sent in a secure/encrypted method.  This would apply to e-mails that contain:

  • customer accounts and names
  • social security numbers
  • balance and transaction information
  • customer credit/income history
  • proprietary information and other non-public information

When in doubt, send secure! 

click here to access the nbt secure email portal

If you have previously used this portal to send or receive a secure email from NBT, log in with the email address and password you created.


If this is your first time using secure email with NBT, you must create an account by following the directions below.


How to send The National Bank of Texas a secure email: 


Login Screen:

login screen


1. On the register page you will create a password (requirements below) and enter an email address where you will receive responses from NBT.  You will also create a reminder phrase in case you forgot your password.

register account screen


2. After you enter your email address and password, you will see an “activation pending” screen.  The system will automatically send an email to the address you entered which must be viewed before you are able to log in and send secure emails.

confirmation screen


3. Below is the email you will receive.  To confirm your activation you must open this email and click the “Activate” link contained within.

success notification


4. After you click on the active link, you will see an “activation successful” screen.  Click on the “continue” button to log in to the secure email portal using the email address and password you created.

success screen


5. Once logged in you will be at the main screen of the portal.  From here you can view received email, or use the top navigation to do other tasks such as inputting addresses, composing secure email, viewing sent email or creating drafts for future emails.

main screen


6. In order to send a secure email, click on the “compose tab” in the top navigation bar, enter the address you want the email sent to, a subject line, and a message.  If you have a file you need to attach, click the “attach file” button.

compose email


7. On this screen you can browse for the file you would like to attach, then click the “Add file” button.  This will add the file to the queue below, once you have added all the files you would like included, click the “Attach” button to add them to the email.

file attachment screen

8. Once you have finished composing your email, click “send”.  This will send your secure email and return you to the inbox. 

Remember to sign out of your secure email account when you are finished composing or reviewing your messages.