Cameron Marmon - SVP/Senior Credit & Risk Management Officer

Cameron Marmon

Cameron Marmon started his career in banking in 2012. Throughout Cameron’s banking career, he has served as a credit underwriter, commercial lender, and bank regulator. Cameron Marmon joined NBT in 2023 and currently serves as Senior Credit and Risk Management Officer.  He graduated from Texas Tech University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s in Finance with an emphasis in Real Estate and Investments. Cameron has 11 years of commercial banking experience, which includes 2 years as an underwriter, 4 years as a commercial lender, and 5 years as a commercial bank examiner with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. While at the Federal Reserve, Cameron successfully completed the Federal Reserve System Examiner Commissioning Program in 2021, which requires over 800 training hours and passing the Examiner Proficiency Exam.