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National Bank of Texas is proud to provide E-Banking - our online banking solution, where you can access from your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services that include:

  • Account transaction inquiries
  • View images of account items
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Stop payment orders
  • Electronic bill payment
  • Contact us via email
  • View bank statements
How do I get started using E-Banking?
Click here to enroll in online banking. The bank will provide you with an account ID number and an initial password to access your accounts in a secure environment.
What happens if I forget my ID or PIN?
If you lose or forget your ID, you may call the bank and with proper identification your ID will be given to you. If you lose or forget your PIN, you must follow the same procedure and a new PIN will be generated for you.

E-Banking Service Sign On Screen 
To begin banking online, go to the Home page of the National Bank of Texas website. Under Online Banking Access type in your ID and click Login and you will then be transferred to our E-Banking homepage.  Enter your password, then click Submit to enter E-Banking.  Click Logout to go back to our website's Homepage.

E-Banking Username 
A 12-digit number is assigned by the National Bank of Texas. Once you are set up, you can create an alias for your ID number that is easier for you to remember.

E-Banking PIN 
After your first successful login, you will be prompted to change your PIN. Your PIN can be any 8-12 Alphanumeric, mixed case and special character combination. The system will prompt you to change your PIN every 360 days.

Your PIN is the most important security feature in the system. Safeguard it carefully. When in doubt about its safety, change it. DO NOT make it easy for someone to guess your PIN.

NOTE: Each customer is allowed three sign-on attempts. After the third invalid attempt, the system will lock you out.To be unlocked, or to have your PIN changed, call our New Accounts Department at 817-625-5511. Once you login successfully, you can change your PIN at your first sign-on.


The Account Listing page is the first page you will see after you login. This page has general information about the bank at the top of the page and your account information at the bottom. As a security measure, the system will also show the last time you logged in and the total number of times you have logged in. You can reset the login counter from the Account Management page. To view your account information you can select "View Accounts" or scroll down to your account information. From the Account Listing page you can also initiate transfers, view current transactions, view range of transactions between dates, enter stop payments, access Account Management, download transactions, email the Bank, or get help. To log out of E-Banking select "Log Out".

Viewing Account Information 
From the Account Listing page you can view all of the accounts you have set up to access through E-Banking. Initial account names are based on default system account descriptions. However, you can personalize the descriptions by going to the Account Management page and selecting Change Pseudo Account Name.

Use the drop down menus to select how you would like to view the information for each account. All account balances are displayed in real time; therefore with each inquiry, if the balance changes you will see the most current balance information. To initiate a request for new views, click on the drop-down menu, select an option, then click the submit button to initiate your request.

Funds Transfers 
This option is selected from the drop-down menu on the Account Listing page. To initiate a transfer between accounts you should:

  • Select the account to transfer the funds from by using the drop-down menu on the Account Listing page. Click the GO button to go to the next page.
  • View Scheduled Transfers page will appear. Click on the Add New Transfers button.
  • On the transfer funds page select the account to transfer funds to by clicking on the check box next to the account name. In the amount to transfer box enter the amount, including cents that you would like to transfer.
  • Optional: If you wish to make the transfer a recurring scheduled transfer, select the frequency and dates from the available options at the bottom of the page. The default for transfers is "one time".
  • To process your transfer, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. After you complete the transfer, a page displaying the information about the transfer and a confirmation number will appear. You should print this page for your records.

Account Management
The Account Management page gives you the option to change your PIN or personal ID (Alias), reset your login counter, change account names, and change display options.

  • Change PIN
    With this option you can change your PIN at any time and as many times as you wish. The PIN you choose must be 8-12 Alphanumeric, mixed case and special character combination. If you forget your PIN, contact the bank during normal business hours at 817-625-5511 and we can reset it for you. You will be prompted to change your PIN upon your first successful sign-on.
  • Change Personal ID (Alias)
    You can change your E-Banking ID from the 12-digit bank assigned number to something easier for you to remember (Alias). The Alias that you choose must be between 4 and 12 characters long with no spaces or special characters. The ID cannot begin with a number, but may include numbers in it. All ID's are individual and no two persons may have the same one. If you choose an ID that has already been selected by another customer, you will be prompted to select another ID.
  • Reset Login Account
    From here you can reset the login counter for your E-Banking ID. It will inform you that the counter has been reset. When you go back to View Accounts/Account Listing page you will see that your login count is 0.
  • Change Pseudo Account Name
    Each account that you have access to through E-Banking will be initially set up with a default name created by the banking system. If you wish to change the name of any accounts to something more personal, you can do so here. Valid account names can include upper and lowercase letters, spaces, and any number between 0 and 9.
  • Display Options
    You may select how many accounts that you want displayed on the account listing page.


Download Transactions

E-Banking has an option to download account transactions.

From the Download Transactions page, select the account you would like to download transactions from.

  • Select the range of transactions to download.
  • Select a download format.

Click on the Download Transactions button to begin downloading. The next page will give additional instructions on saving the file. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to complete the download.

Stop Payments 
On the Stop Payment page, you may stop payments to a single Payee. However, you can make the request to stop multiple payments. Simply enter the check date, the check number or range of numbers and the exact amount of the check(s). Next, select the Payee of the check(s) to stop. Press Submit. You will receive a confirmation that your request has been submitted through E-Banking.

Customers are responsible for verifying that checks have not already been paid during prior statement periods. We are unable to stop payments on checks we've already received and paid.

After the written stop payment notice is signed and received by National Bank of Texas, your stop payment order is valid for six months and will not be effective after six months, unless the stop payment is renewed in writing.

Whom can I pay through Online Bill Payment?
You can pay ANYONE in the United States from the next door neighbor, the utility company, the bank, and even a child in college across the country.
How late in the day can I enter, edit, or delete a payment?
You may add, edit, or delete payments scheduled Sunday through Friday until 10:00 PM CST the day before the scheduled payment date.
What happens if I have a scheduled payment that falls over a weekend or holiday?
Scheduled payments that fall over a weekend will be processed on Friday evening. Any new payments that are scheduled over that particular weekend will be processed on Sunday night. Holiday processing occurs the day following the holiday.
Are there any merchants that I cannot pay through the bill payment service?
Yes. You cannot pay any government agency.
Can I use Online Bill Payment if I live outside the United States?
Yes, as long as you have a bank account in the United States.
Can I get a copy of a cancelled check?
You can request a copy through our Customer Service Department. There may be a fee associated with this service.
How long is history retained in the VIEW PAYMENT HISTORY section?
Payment History records are kept for one year.
What happens if I lose or forget my ID or PIN?
If you lose or forget your ID, you may call our New Accounts Department and with proper identification your ID will be given to you. If you lose or forget your PIN, you must follow the same procedure and a new PIN will be generated and mailed to you.

Payee Information

Payee, a definition
A payee is anyone to whom you would pay a bill or send a check. The most common payees include utility companies, your landlord, mortgage company, department stores, and credit card companies. Payees also can include individuals such as the person who mows the lawn, the local grocery store, and your favorite charitable organization.
How many payees may I have set up?
You may have up to 99 payees that you can set up through the Internet. If you need more than 99 payees, please contact our New Accounts Department.
When will the money be taken out of my account?
The money will be withdrawn out of your account approximately two business days after the payment date you have set.
What if I do not have enough money in my account?
Your bank will treat bill payment items just like any other check that you write. Should the item be returned, a hold may be placed on your bill payment service.
Can I edit vendor addresses?
No. You will have to set up a new vendor with the correct address and delete the old one.
How do I know if a merchant is electronic or check?
Once you have set up the vendor/merchant, then you can look at the VIEW PAYEES screen and you will see a field that will tell you if the vendor is electronic or check.
Can I set up recurring payments?
Yes. You can set up recurring payments in the following frequencies:
  • Weekly
  • Semi-Monthly
  • Monthly
Will the memo field that I fill out when setting up a payment be passed on to the merchant?
No. The memo field is for your personal records, however the account number that you entered when you added the payee to your Personal Payee List is printed on the check. This allows the payee to know which account to apply the payment to.

Payment Information

Due Date
The due date is the day your payment must be received by the payee, not including your grace period. The due date is usually located in the bill you receive in the mail from the payee.
How far in advance should I set up a payment to insure it is paid on time?
Check payments should be scheduled 10 business days in advance of payment due date. Electronic payments should be made 4 business days prior to the paymentís due date.
*NOTE - You may want to set up a payment to yourself so you can see how the system works.
Are there any minimum and maximum payment amounts?
Yes. The minimum amount you may make a payment for is $0.01 and the maximum amount can be up to $99,999.00
Scheduled Date
The scheduled date is the day you would like the National Bank of Texas to start the process of sending your money to the payee.
How far in advance can I schedule payments?
You may schedule payments up to 90 days in advance of the first due date. Recurring payments can have an end date of any year in the future.
Can I have multiple payments to the same payee on the same day?
Yes. You can make multiple payments to the same payee as long as the payment amounts are different. For your protection, the system will not pay duplicate items in the same day.
Can I stop payment?
Yes. Please call our Customer Service Department at 817-625-5511.
On the Payment History page, what does the "Status" field indicate?
Following is a table of the available status values and their associated definitions:
PENDING The payment has been processed, but not yet sent.
PROCESSED The payment has been processed and sent.
HOLD The payment has a research request on it. This usually means the payment is incomplete, but can be processed when the issue is resolved.
STOPPED The consumer or the Bill Payment service has stopped the payment and the payment cannot be processed again.