Online Banking Scam

Online Banking Scam Alert

NBT Financial has been notified that scammers are posing as members of NBT’s Fraud Investigations Department and asking customers for their online banking credentials and debit card PIN. 

Please be aware that this is a scam to gain access to your account.  NBT will never call and ask for your online banking username, password or debit card PIN. 

Once you provide your online username and password, the scammers will have the ability to transfer funds from your accounts using Zelle or Bill Pay.  Also, the scammers are spoofing NBT's phone numbers when they call, so your caller ID may appear that the call is coming from NBT.  However, this is just another tool they are using to try and convince you that they are really with NBT.  In order to protect your account information, please immediately call our customer service number, at 817-759-9001, if you have given your online banking user name and password out to someone over the phone.