Scammers are actively targeting NBT customers posing as our Fraud Department.

Scammers are sending texts and calling customers posing as NBT’s Fraud Department, disguising their caller ID to make it look like it's coming from NBT’s Customer Service phone number (817-759-9001).

If you get a call requesting your personal, private information, including your debit card number and PIN or online banking credentials, don't share it, even if the caller says they are verifying fraudulent transactions on your account.

In the event you receive a phone call or text alert by our fraud center, we will only ask if you made the transaction, because we already have all of your personal information on file.  We will never ask you your card number or PIN.  Do not ever give your PIN out to anyone.     

These scammers have become very clever. They trick you by providing just enough information to make you think they are legitimate and that they have access to your account.  Don’t give them the access they desire by providing them with your personal information. 

When NBT’s Debit Card Fraud Department calls a customer, it will always be an automated message.  You have the option to speak to a live representative after hearing the message, but you will never receive a call from a live representative for debit card fraud.  In order to protect your account information, please immediately call our customer service number, at 817-759-9001, if you receive a call from someone saying they are with the fraud department, or if you have given your online banking user name, your password or personal information out to someone over the phone.   

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